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Boo WordPress Theme – What is new in version 2.4

“Boo”, the unique and outstanding WordPress theme by ThemeRella! We’re glad and excited to introducing you the latest version 2.4 of it. In a short period of four months since the first release of it on August 11, 2017, the Boo theme has highly caught the attention of visitors.

The richness of features, the power to set website within minutes, distinct design and readiness for upcoming web design trends, all set it apart from the crowd of WordPress themes. Today we have launched version 2.4 of Boo WordPress theme and in this special blog post, we would like to highlight the new features shipped with Boo version 2.4.

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Boo WordPress Theme – What is new in version 2.4?

WooCommerce Improvements

1. Shop Demo

Check the shop demo page. The Boo version 2.4 has now advanced WooCommerce updates. The page designing is focused on the minimal & clean look and a new centered header is also added. It’s really easy to build and manage E-Commerce website through Boo WordPress theme.

Boo Shop

2. Ajax Powered Quick Look and Add to Cart

This feature gives your shoppers the ability to purchase any product without reloading the whole page. Visitors can now quickly view and purchase any product in product listing page without leaving the page. This feature is much faster and convenient than the default style.

Ajax Powered Quick Look

3. New Product Page Layout

A new product page layout is added with a brand new image carousel for the featured images and a simpler interface to introduce product information.

Boo New Product Page

4. Option to Add Second Featured Image

We have added an option to add a second featured image of woo products, which will be visible to the viewer on hovering the product. This hover effect with the secondary image is the perfect way to show more product images on the same page. A faster and easier way to browse the products!

Fonts and Icons

5. Add Own Custom Fonts

Upload your own custom font and manage them through the Theme Options Panel, just like any other font. Say bye to any 3rd party plugin.

Add Own Custom Fonts

6. Add Own Icon Fonts

Boo is already powered by a variety of 500+ icons. Still, now you have the option to upload your own icon font and use on the website with ease.

Header Logo and Menu

7. Sticky Header Logo

You can now assign a different logo to the sticky header. You are also free to choose a different background colour for the sticky header as well.

Do you know? The Boo WordPress Theme has been featured on several official blogs and has become weekly top selling & trending theme.

8. Add any Image/SVG Icon to Menu Item

Assign unique icons or your favorite image to the menu items and make them more appealing with this option in Boo 2.4 update.

Overlay Option

9. Color/Gradient Overlay

Easily apply colour/gradient overlay to row backgrounds as well as the title bars. Overlay opacity can also be adjusted easily.

Color/Gradient Overlay with Boo

10. Theme Update from Our Repo

Now no more need of Envato Market or any external plugin to update Boo theme. Now you can update the theme directly from dedicated ThemeRella servers. A much easier and efficient way to update theme!

Boo WordPress Theme Update Repo

11. SVG Shapes

Break up the monotony of old-fashioned rectangles. Give your website dynamic, fresh and unique look with SVG shapes feature in Boo.

SVG Shapes

12. New Portfolio Filter

The classic filter style for the portfolio has been added which is always visible, unlike default filter. See it in action at the Case Studies section in San Francisco demo, the latest Boo WordPress Theme empowered with V2.4.

New & Signature Demos

13. San Francisco Demo

The San Francisco demo is a brand new demo with SVG Separators, gradient overlay, video background, and creative styles. Check and each section will give you feel of its own uniqueness.

San Francisco Demo - Boo Theme

14. Boo Landing Demo

Our landing pages are the center of the attention since the launch of Boo. You asked it and we used Boo’s power to create the same. The theme has 4 eye-catching landing page demos now.

Boo Landing Demo

These 14 additions are the key features we have added in version 2.4 of Boo WP theme. The Boo theme also follows web design trends for 2018.  We strive continuously to enhance it to be the theme beyond your dream. Keep your Boo version updated and don’t forget to comment. We heartily appreciate your feedback and always take your suggestions seriously.

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