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Add Buttons to WordPress Post or Page – With or Without Plugin


WordPress Post Editor doesn’t actually have any button to add buttons to your posts or pages. You can either use a plugin or add classes in WordPress additional CSS menu and refer them to add buttons.

There are many situations when we need buttons in a post or a page. A call to action button or a demo/download button instead of a text link is an example. A premium theme like Boo already comes with a rich set of ample and stylish buttons to add. You can also read extensive advantages of using a premium theme in the link.

Add Buttons to WordPress Post or Page

WordPress doesn’t offer a built-in button insertion feature. So here is what plugins come into the role. Alternatively, if you’re familiar with HTML-CSS, you can create CSS classes for buttons using WordPress additional CSS feature. Further, add the name of a defined class to anchor tag in text mode while writing the post.

Add Buttons to WordPress with a Plugin

There are countable nifty plugins in WordPress repository to add a button to your page or post. The list of these respective WordPress plugins is below.

Forget About Shortcode Buttons
WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons
Button Builder – Buttons X
Mango Buttons

Forget About Shortcode Buttons

This plugin is unique of its kind. you don’t need to mess with shortcodes for the functionality. It adds a button to the WordPress TinyMCE Visual Editor toolbar. A popup appears upon clicking on the button, where you can specify parameters to add buttons.

Additionally, you can add Font Awesome icons to buttons as well as save them for further use. Forget About Shortcode Buttons is a good choice for adding buttons to your posts and pages.

WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons

This plugin is the most installed button plugin. The plugin has a long establishment as well as a good record of updates. So it’s trustworthy enough. MaxButtons is more than just a plugin to insert buttons and offers a pro version as well.

The plugin works as the concept of shortcodes so its little weird to use in that manner. But the list of features at plugin official page is quite extensive. So it’s worth to try along with an assurance of longer maintenance.

The rest of plugins haven’t updated for months so it’s hard to say about them. But adding buttons is like adding button HTML and CSS class in posts or pages. So update isn’t a critical requirement. You can try them and if either fits your needs, continue to use that to add buttons.

Add Buttons without a Plugin

WordPress additional css add buttons

Another way to add buttons to WordPress post or page is using CSS classes. Additionally, you should have a little knowledge of HTML – CSS. There’re many websites on the internet to create button’s CSS online. Goto Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS in WordPress admin menus. Then add the generated CSS there and save it.

.button-demo {
   -webkit-border-radius: 5px;
   -moz-border-radius: 5px;
   border-radius: 5px;
   color: #0059A0;
   font-family: Open Sans;
   font-size: 15px;
   padding: 20px;
   background-color: #3D94F6;
   border: solid #0059A0 1px;
   text-decoration: none;
   cursor: pointer;
.button-demo:hover, .button-demo:active {
	background-color: #612AD0;

Now go to your post or page, switch to text mode and add the class name to the anchor tag.

<a class="button-demo" href-"#">Button</a>

This will create a button like this.

Add buttons without plugin

However, this additional CSS feature is available in WordPress version 4.7 and higher only. For lower WordPress version, place the rule either in child stylesheet. Alternatively. if your parent theme offers an option to add custom CSS, you can use that too. If none of the above is available then you can install and use any WordPress custom CSS plugin.

Add Buttons – which One?

You would also like to read 6 features in WP Post Editor to increase productivity. Also, check 5 plugins which can enrich your Visual Editor with many useful features.

So the above were two ways to add buttons to WordPress post or page. If you need many buttons very often then prefer a plugin. Else add buttons without a plugin if you need 4-5 kind of buttons only. Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments along with any question or feedback if you have.

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