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6 Interesting Questions Answers About a Landing Page


Landing Page is not a new concept. Every website owner or developer hears about it someday. And take interest to know more about landing pages and how to go with them. Landing pages must be interesting and prominent for both, you and your website visitors.

In this article, you will find 6 interesting questions and their answers about landing pages. After reading it, you will have a clear idea about LPs and you can go ahead to create a high performing landing page to attract visitors.

6 Interesting Questions Answers About Landing Pages

Q1. What is a Landing Page?

Ans. In simplest term, Landing Page is the page of your website where visitors land. In deep, it is a destination page that is built to let visitors land, in response to clicking on an online marketing call-to-action or ads. So for lead generation and marketing campaigns, a landing page is an important term & concept.

Suppose you run an online advertisement through Facebook and a user clicks on the ad after finding it on their page and comes to your website. Then what is she/he supposed to do? Provide you with their contact information or buy your product? That’s what landing page deals with.

Q2. What is the Purpose of Landing Page?

Ans. A landing page is really a valuable marketing tool with a higher return if designed effectively. And purpose remains only one for every distinct LP. It might be either getting the sale or get information about the visitor to further contact them for marketing purpose.

In short landing pages are created to increase conversion rates for your product or service with the targeted promotion.

Q3. What are Types of Landing Page?

Ans. There is no fixed number of landing page types in online marketing terms actually. However, experts categorize them into two types in general.

  1. Lead Generation Landing Pages

These types of LP are aimed to collect information such as email address. Further, to let you convert visitors into customers using other marketing tools like newsletter, webinar, and exhibition.

2. Click Through Landing Pages

The goal of such LP is to warm up visitors about the product or service you’re trying to sell. Commonly used by E-Commerce industry, these pages present enough information in front of potential buyers, making them ready to purchase.

Q4. Are Landing Page and Home Page same?

No. There are a few characteristics that differ both. A landing page has a single objective or sole conversion. The idea behind to design a homepage is, to encourage exploration with a more general purpose in mind. It represents your overall brand & corporate values.

A homepage holds navigations to other areas of your site while landing page avoids it, dedicated only to lead generation or high conversion.

Q5. What Things Should be kept in Mind While Designing Landing Page

Ans. Well! It’s an interesting question and answer is very broad. There is a long list to take into consideration while designing a landing page. Consult our article 10 principles behind great landing pages to know about them.

Q6. How to Setup Landing Page?

Ans. You can either think from scratch and code to set up them. Whereas, if you’re using WordPress, you can create as many LP as you wish by utilizing the ready-made landing pages demo, bundled with our attractive and fast ThemeRella themes. Also, have a look at Boo theme too. Additionally, you don’t need any developer to do that and it takes only minutes to set up high performing LP with our themes.

So these were 6 interesting questions and their answers about landing pages that can give you a good start to promote a product/service through your website or can help you to build a list of potential customers. Do you have any question about landing pages? Just comment below, our pleasure to answer you.

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