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6 Productive Features in WordPress Post Editor

WordPress Post Editor is the center of writing the beautiful content of a website. It’s the dedicated place where content is written & maintained for posts & pages. And WordPress takes all the care to show them to visitors as per your theme configuration and settings.

One must know the productive features of WordPress Post Editor have. It helps to obtain the most productivity and take maximum leverage while writing a post. So here we’re telling you about 6 features that are available in WordPress Post Editor. You should strongly use them to be more productive there.

#1 Read More Tag to Auto Pick Summary

This feature is handy if you don’t need a customized summary of your post (technically called Excerpt), to show on feed or archive pages. Put the cursor after either first or second paragraph of the post and click the “Insert Read More tag” button at the WordPress Post Editor toolbar.

Now WordPress will recognize the content before the tag as Excerpt. Thereafter, will use them to show as a summary of the post at archive pages or homepage. Just as the opposite, you can take advantage of the Excerpt Meta Box if you wish to create manual hand-crafted summaries of your content.

#2 Next Page Tag to Split Long Post into Pages

If your post is lengthy, you might wish to break the post into multiple pages without using new keywords or titles. The <!––nextpage––> tag in WP Post Editor gives you this feature. Add the <!––nextpage––> tag in your article where you want to split it into next page and the article will be accessed like:

Just add the tag using Text mode, not using Visual mode. It’s good to split the post if it contains more than 1500 words. However, it depends on the objective of your blog.

3# Productive Dashboard with Screen Options

Your productivity will increase if you know how to show only essential Meta Boxes and hide unnecessary Meta Boxes on any page within your dashboard. This feature is particular not about the post editor but can be utilized efficiently to keep the editor screen clutter-free.

Just click on Screen Options link at the top right in the dashboard and you can uncheck/check the options to show/hide the Meta Boxes. You can then re-arrange them by simply dragging & dropping them for an efficient dashboard.

4# Write Anytime and Schedule the Post

There is not any condition to write only when you wish to publish a post. WordPress comes with Schedule Post feature. It’s a powerful tool to schedule a post and automatically publish it in future. You can see it in the Publish Meta Box. There is an “Edit” link to “Publish immediately” label.

This “Edit” link will change to a date & time input to let you set up a future date to publish the post. Once it is set up, the “Publish” button will change to “Schedule” and you must have to click it for scheduling.

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5# New Paragraph or Line Break – Simple Keys

It’s a complaint from many beginner level WordPress users. They find it difficult to figure out how to create paragraphs and line breaks in WordPress Post Editor. Press the Enter key to start a new paragraph in the visual editor.

If you just want to insert text to next line in an existing paragraph, for example, an address, then press Shift + Enter keys together. This will insert a new single line break rather than double line spacing of paragraph.

6# Rich Keyboard Shortcuts in WordPress Post Editor

The WP Post Editor comes with a rich set of keyboard shortcuts for instant actions to save time. Rather than scrolling mouse wheel to the toolbar button, clicking it and returning back to the desired position, you can just press the shortcut to execute the same.

Just use keys Shift + Alt + H together and a popup will appear in front of you. This popup contains a list of all 44+ Keyboard Shortcuts that you can use to decrease time and increase productivity.

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WordPress Post Editor

These above are 6 features that very few people know about WordPress Post Editor.  These are very useful in term of increasing productivity while composing posts. Also, check these 5 free plugins which are specific to empower you more while writing a post. You can read and try them to make the post editor enriched with more productive features.

Further, visit the article as well. It will tell how easily you can add a button to a WordPress post, with a plugin or even without it.

We will surely update you about them in near future to let you enhance the writing productivity. Keep reading and don’t forget to share posts & update us with your valuable comments.

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