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5 Web Design Trends for 2018 – ThemeRella Blog

Technologies and trends always change. The innovation of new technologies and development of trends are continuous processes each year. Web design is not an exception. In fact, web design trends are more dynamic and creative since they involve direct user interaction.

It’s very important to know cutting-edge trends from a web designer’s perspective. They need to grasp the pulse of the market and deliver trendy designs with modern styles.

Web design trends in 2018 are about appealing and performance, visualization and deep Interaction. In the post “5 Web Design Trends for 2018” here, we are elaborating 5 trends for the year 2018 regarding web design in details.

5 web design trends for 2018

1. Material Design Precedence

Material design provides a context for the design. Visual cues are acquired with the help of the surfaces and edges of the material. The material design makes more use of responsive animations and transitions. For a live example, the 3D effects, you see in cards & buttons elements in Boo theme, are achieved through the concept of material.

While the flat design will continue in use, in contrast, the concept of material design will take more precedence over it in 2018.

2. Asymmetric Layouts with Geometric Shapes

This trend in web design is since 2016 and will gain more popularity in 2018. It includes crafting websites with patterns like heartbeats & cards, shapes like half/full circles.  Similarly, curved lines as well as the involvement of components like counters, line art icons, brilliant scrolling and parallax.

Layouts will get the change to asymmetric design from the typical combination of a primary content area and a sidebar to left or right.

Boo WordPress theme keeps this trend in focus and made as thinking outside the grid. This theme by ThemeRella is equipped with 200+ readymade templates to plug into the website and create numerous stunning layouts in minutes without coding.

3. Mobile First with AMP & PWA

Responsive design isn’t a new term now still the trend will strongly slide towards being mobile-friendly websites first. The designing is trying to tune itself with varying sized mobiles to provide high performance. Therefore providing a smooth and soothing experience like a desktop.

The optimized Boo theme works perfectly on any device. The theme is highly compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technologies for mobiles.

4. Trending Elements: Videos, Gradients, SVG, and Animations

These known elements are going to emerge more in web design 2018. Usual image sliders will get limited to a block somewhere on a web page. And beautiful videos incorporating authentic imagery will take place in the main slider section. As a result, web designing trend in 2018 is forecasting towards virtual reality.

Gradients are back in 2018. If you have visited Boo theme homepage, you will notice how beautifully it catches your attention with a full-screen purple gradient along with all other element stated.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) are rapidly replacing stock images and proved them as best graphics element ever with many uses and benefits over images. They have secured a place in the list of web design trends in 2018. The Boo theme made a lot of uses of SVG.

The purpose of designing animations is switching to increase user engagement and conversion in 2018, rather not for flash or as a fancy item. Also, the animations will make the site alive and self-speaking.

The most powerful & impressive ThemeRella’s Boo WordPress theme has enriched itself with all these modern web designing trends. Broad and excellent uses of SVG, catchy animations, simple yet powerful implementation of trending elements, all stand it distinct and very far above other themes available in the market.

5. Typography Design

While the layout would opt asymmetry, it will be clean with typography. As the sans serif typeface will be there, the trend about typography in web design will focus on more spacing between lines, big, beautiful still easily readable fonts. Similarly, we expect to see lots of bold headers and shining buttons in 2018. The Boo theme is a perfect example of these premonition typography trends.

Is Your Website Ready for 2018?

An outdated website can dramatically decrease conversions. A theme with old trends can hurt your pace to compete & standings in the online market. If you’re using WordPress, pick a theme like Boo, which is ready & preloaded with upcoming web design trends.

The Boo theme by ThemeRella (check the version 2.4) is perfectly ready for all the 5 web design trends and predictions for 2018. Don’t forget to check the 35+ demo or get it just at $39 instead of regular $59. It’s super impressive! Our customers say!!

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