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5 Best Free WordPress Membership Plugins – 2018 Compared

Free WordPress Membership Plugins can be good options in many cases to create a WordPress membership site. If you have limited requirements, then free WordPress membership plugins are best for you. Further, a free membership plugin can save you from significant cost burden initially. Also, you get a longer time to be comfortable with it and obtain real insights.

It’s better to treat free WordPress membership plugins as freemium. As they come for free to install and setup. However, you might need to buy premium features at a later point. Despite this fact, you should try them if you’re on a low budget or fewer needs. We have already compared 5 best premium plugins for WordPress membership website. Here we are comparing 5 best freemium membership plugins for 2018.

Free WordPress Membership Plugins – 2018

We have picked the best 5 plugins in this category after experiencing with many. The result is a mix. Some focus on functionality, while some are better in user niche. The pros and cons of each plugin will help you to pick the most suitable free membership plugin.

Here is the list of 5 freemium membership plugin for WordPress:

S2 Members Framework
Paid Membership Pro
Membership 2
Ultimate Member

S2Member Framework

S2Member is a popular plugin which costs you nothing to start a WordPress membership site. This free WordPress membership plugin has pro version available as well. So its a good starting point for paid membership.


  • S2Member plugin has its own support community.
  • The pro version has an affordable pricing compared to others.
  • The features page explicitly informs you what is available in each version.


  • Limits to only 4 membership level.
  • Doesn’t offer content dripping in the free edition.
  • More difficult to use than other membership plugins.
  • The free version allows only PayPal Standard as the payment gateway.


Paid Membership Pro

Paid Membership Pro is an impressive plugin in the category of free versions. The plugin comes with a Memberlite theme and rich documentation set. Further, you’re free to alter the code as it consists GPLv2 license.


  • Dozens of free integration add-ons available.
  • Basic free version gives you enough idea of the software.
  • Premium version is much impressive and powerful if you opt to buy.


  • No option to buy individual pro add-on.
  • Not very beginner friendly. You require investing some time to set up.
  • Many useful code snippets, support and plugins are available to pro version only.
  • A headache of searching, installing and configuring free add-ons to extend functionalities.


Membership 2

Here is another freemium membership plugin for WordPress. The plugin is available for free as well as paid versions. Also, it’s a product of WordPress professionals at WPMU. The good thing is that it offers a simpler platform with powerful controls. So users can create membership sites faster without messing around.


  • The free plugin is good for basic needs.
  • 25 currency options and multiple payment gateways are there in the free version.
  • The setup wizard will guide you through configuring your membership site for best results.
  • Membership 2 offers four base membership options including Dripped Content Membership.


  • Too complicated for a newbie.
  • Available in English language only as of now.
  • Not as many options to define memberships or levels.
  • A bunch of negative reviews at the official WordPress plugin repository page.
  • People have complaints regarding its UI for both admins as well as visitors.



WP-Members is not as versatile as other membership plugins examined. Still, it certainly allows let you build a site with premium content. This plugin is an effective tool for newsletters, premium content sites, and clubs/associations etc.


  • WP-Members is highly customizable.
  • Paid extensions and support are fairly affordable.
  • It’s compatible with any WordPress theme and works well with them.


  • WP-Members does not offer different membership levels.
  • The plugin is not as powerful as the other plugins out of the box.
  • You need the premium version to charge from members for premium content.


Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member is quite apart yet solid plugin for membership management. It primarily focuses on users handling more than content management. The plugin is better for creating advanced online communities to let users join and become members easily.


  • Actively maintained.
  • Ultimate Member is lightweight as well as highly extendible.
  • Quite popular with more than 100,000 active installations.


  • Advanced security features are missing.
  • It’s not a full-fledged membership plugin like others.
  • Front pages appearance looks quite simple or not attractive.
  • It lacks intuitive social login and registration in the free version.
  • Similarly, many standard features are part of pro version.


 Bonus: 4 More Free WordPress Membership Plugins to Check

While we haven’t played with all, we would like to introduce links to 4 more similar plugins. Afterall, you want to give a test drive to every possible free option.

Further, if you’ve ever noticed there are more limitations in free plugins rather than advantages. We’re sure you already aware of the reason. Still, the plugins are worth looking if you don’t wish to buy paid one for some reason.

Moreover, most of the plugins offer pro versions too. Even some pros deserve a position in the top premium membership plugins list. For a professional website, we recommend you to go with a premium option. Otherwise, the list is here.

Free WordPress Membership Plugins – Which One?

Above all, the best way to pick the right one plugin for you is by experiencing them yourself. However, here are some tips for easier your selection. If you will put high money to upgrade the plugin later then Paid Membership Pro is a good choice.

S2Member and WP-Members both have affordable mid pricing. S2Member is more powerful than WP-Members. However, the later is easier to customize but not suitable for every kind of membership website.

Membership 2 is the part of WPMU membership. Once you become their member, you will have access to all of their plugins and stuff. Ultimate Member and other plugins serve different purposes. So they come with functionalities limited to the given purpose. You should visit them if you have limited or specific requirements.

WordPress Membership Plugins – Free & Premium

WordPress membership plugins do a lot of tasks for you behind. So it’s obvious to have the impact on the speed of your website. But it’s very easy to keep the speed of your website up. Consult our excellent articles to speed up the performance without code as well as with code. Also, you might get interesting tips to boost SEO while content writing for members.

So do let us know which membership plugin you find the best for you. Either from free WordPress membership plugins or premiums. Nevertheless, to say, your comments, feedback, and questions are always welcome. Have you liked the post? Spread it with sharing to your social accounts. You can also join us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well as subscribe to the newsletter.

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