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5 Free Plugins to Empower WordPress Visual Editor

WordPress Visual Editor is the area in the WordPress dashboard that offers you to smoothly write your page and post content. This WordPress editor allows you to create content in a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) mode.

WordPress Visual Editor is a modified version of the open source TinyMCE editor. WP editor is extensible, means you can add more options and features to it. So here are 5 free plugins that can empower your content writing capability in WordPress Visual Editor.

5 Free Plugins to Empower WordPress Visual Editor

While we’ve picked best five plugins from our view, we also have provided their alternatives for similar functionalities.

1. More Impressive TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advanced is simply and more robust version of TinyMCE. So it extends and enhances TinyMCE based WordPress Visual Editor. It gives you facilities like adding a table and lists as well as all other HTML tags.

You can add/remove and rearrange buttons in editor’s toolbar using TinyMCE Advanced.  While the advanced version is a rich and efficient tool, WP Edit is a similar and strong alternative to it.

2. Add Columns to WordPress Visual Editor

If you’re not fond of using tables or lazy to write HTML in the Text mode then Advanced WP Columns is there. This plugin provides you to set up your blog content in the multiple columns using simple user interface. It does it without any shortcodes as well as the author claims to support responsive layout.

eVision Responsive Column Layout Shortcodes plugin is a nice alternative to Advanced WP Columns. It uses Bootstrap CSS to create columns in your post.

3. Using Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor

Many times you need to put stylish buttons on your posts and pages. While you can add them through HTML markup in Text mode manually, There is Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin too. This plugin not only easier process of adding buttons but also makes them appear natural and appealing,

If you prefer shortcodes as well as want more powerful WordPress button, share button and social icon plugin, try using WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons. It combines all the three button types stated above.

4. Syntax Highlighter for Code Snippet

This section is useful if you write technical articles or blog and mention code snippets in them. Crayon Syntax Highlighter and SyntaxHighlighter Evolved are the two most popular plugins to display code block on your tech blog website.

5. Grammar and Spelling Check

While we couldn’t find a perfect WordPress specific plugin to check Grammar and Spelling, it’s not the reason to skip it. Everyone is well aware of the importance of correct grammar and spelling. The related plugin TinyMCE Spellcheck hadn’t been updated for more than 2 years. So it has compatibility issues with the recent version of WordPress.

But you don’t need to disappoint. This is a fork of the After the Deadline plugin and has now been part of the famous Jetpack plugin. So, the plugin is available as extensions/add-ons for Chrome and Firefox in the name of After the Deadline.

Ultimately, all modern browsers have inbuilt spell check feature as well. Besides this, the WP Spell Check plugin is also worth to try if you want to perform a bulk check.

There is More to Empower WordPress Visual Editor

So these 5 free plugins give you the power to add additional menus, columns, and buttons. You can manage grammar and spelling as well as code syntax in a better manner using these plugins. You also came to know their alternatives to attend the similar functionality here.

Just don’t stop here. This ThemeRella article shows you 6 Productive Features in WordPress Post Editor. You should also take advantages of rich features described there while writing content.

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Did you find any plugin to add to WordPress Visual Editor and empower the editor then? Or do you use/know any such?  Comment and let us know. We would like to hear your feedback and questions as well.

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