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5 Free Plugins to Harden WordPress Security

Security of any website is always a big concern in online media. When the software used to develop and run the site, is open source, extra care needs to be taken. WordPress is not an exception likewise. Being open sources & so popular, everyone knows how is a WordPress website arranged so hackers will prefer to target it more than any other site.

Luckily Hardening WordPress is not a tangled task and there are a number of free & paid plugins available to harden WordPress security. The official WP plugins repository has 500+ security plugins and some of them are really performing excellently.

Harden WordPress Security – Which One?

However, choosing the right one might plugin to harden WordPress security might be a difficult task. So here we have decided to tell you about 5 free plugins, we found better to harden your WordPress site’s security.

1. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is the most downloaded (2+ million) WordPress security plugin. In few words, this plugin implements Firewall, Blocking, Login Security, Scanning, Monitoring features and almost all a general WP site needs.

This plugin does a number of things to harden your WordPress website’s security. Furthermore, the official website has a WordPress in-depth security learning center. Still, if you have the higher requirements, the plugin offers pro features.

2. WP-SpamShield

Spams, poor trackback or pingback, forget all spams. With more than 1000 positive reviews and 100000+ installs, the WP-SpamShield plugin is so nice.

Also with no need for captcha or challenge question, this plugin works in the background with 2 layers protection, JavaScript/Cookies, and The Algorithmic Anti-Spam Layer.

Additionally, it supports almost all types of contact & comment forms including CF7, Gravity Forms and plugins like JetPack & WooCommerce.

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3. User Role Editor

Wondering why I have been included it here. As a matter of fact, this plugin does a unique job that no other plugin does. With this plugin, the administrator can assign and manage, which user can perform which thing on the dashboard.

For example, using User Role Editor Plugin in WooCommerce, the administrator can create a “Staff” role and assign it to employees who can manage products but can’t access Woo settings. Such a fundamental and equally important security requirement & nice plugin, isn’t it?

4. WP Security Audit Log

This is the most comprehensive WP audit trail plugin. In short, it keeps tracks of everything that happens to your WordPress dashboard. For example, user registration, settings change together with content management activities etc.

This plugin is kind of heavy traffic and multi-users or multisite network where administrators need to keep track of what is happening at their software. If you’re looking for such feature, here is this plugin.

5. Other Security Plugins

The plugins already mentioned above guard you against a lot of malicious security issues. Still, if your requirements are very limited or you are looking for specific features, these 6 security plugins below are worth to look:

The last two have no pro or add-on feature and still have a list of security features.

Harden WordPress Security – Sum Up?

So above was a comprehensive list of WordPress security plugins. Please note that never use two or more plugins for same security concern. We recommend installing one with most features and 1–2 specific plugins if the first one is not enough to fill your needs.

Also, it’s always better to implement features using writing a few lines of code in your theme specific files whenever possible. For example: disabling theme/plugin file editing through the dashboard.

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For such tips & trick and other useful knowledge, keep reading our ThemeRella blog and don’t forget to subscribe newsletter. Apart from these, which plugins do you use to secure your WordPress site? And do you have any experience with free plugins we mentioned here to harden WordPress security? Please mention and comment!


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    Good Article.
    I would like to share one more free security plugin and it is User Blocker. This plugin provides the ability to block or unblock user accounts quickly and effortlessly.
    You can check it here :


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