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12 tips to Speed Up WordPress Site without Code

Speed Up WordPress! If you’re interested in this term, you are already familiar with the benefits of speeding up a website. Or maybe you’re intended to boost the performance of a WordPress site. A faster website is not only better for SEO purpose but also makes users happier as none likes to wait around a site to load.

So what can you do to make your site faster? Here are 12 tricks to speed up your WordPress site. The article is written in two parts, each containing 6 tips in details. And the best thing is; you don’t need to code anything while implementing these tips to boost performance. You only need the basic understanding of WordPress and fine adjustment with options.

12 tips to Speed Up WordPress Site without Code – I

1. Choose Better Hosting Plan

Shared hosting might be cheap but can make your website suffer due to other sites hosted on the same server. Or if you have enough money, buying dedicated server might also cause troubles for you if you’re not familiar with server technologies.

In our opinion, VPS servers are good to go as they are free from bad neighbor effect. Managed WordPress Hosting is also better deal as it offers WP centric hosting along with automatic WP/plugins updates, server level catching, and security configurations.

2. Start with Solid Theme

There are plenty of bloated premium themes with poor design or tons of features you will never use (and the theme will pass through them & render their script/markup to browser unnecessarily). But few are exceptions too and are optimized for SEO & performance.

The Boo theme by ThemeRella is also one among those rare themes and have 97{136ce94cc7fec1f5657bab0b4d73ed308318c1024f899c463e79e42d4b375fbf} Gtmetrix score. It’s ultra-optimized and has a solid & lightweight structure to speed up the website. Boo has already implemented many tips among those we are mentioning here.

3. Prefer Minimalism if Possible

Minimal design has a performance advantage over clutter design and it doesn’t turn the user away. If simplicity is also your choice, archive the minimalism with site design to have a speed boost.

Using WooCommerce? Check Boo Minimal Oriented E-Commerce demo or just a clean and beautiful, yet minimal oriented website demo.

4. Use WordPress Caching Plugin

WordPress pages are dynamic and built on the fly upon request. This involves a lot of steps from accepting the request to rending output including querying database & much other processing.

The caching plugin makes a copy of the page on the first request. Every subsequent user is served the cached copy instead of going through the whole page generation process every time until the cache expires.

Using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache is one of the most powerful solutions and can speed up WordPress site by 2X to 5X. Just notes if you’re using a Managed WordPress hosting then you don’t need a caching plugin. The host already takes care of it.

5. Use Content Delivery Network

A CDN is a network of servers located all over the world and each server stores static files (images, JS, CSS etc.) of your website. When a user visits your website, these content are served to the user from the closest server in the CDN.

In this way, your own web hosting server will also be faster as CDN is also at work for you. Among paid CDN options, also check your hosting panel or ask the host if it offers some kind of CDN. If yes, then setup it to boost loading.

6. Image Optimization & Compression

Non-optimized images are major common slow speed issues. Optimize image for the web using a photo editing software before upload. PNG images are heavier than JPEG file format. Use PNG only when you need a transparent image and prefer JPEG otherwise. It can fantastically reduce the website’s loading time.

Further Compressing images could make them smaller by 30{136ce94cc7fec1f5657bab0b4d73ed308318c1024f899c463e79e42d4b375fbf} to 70{136ce94cc7fec1f5657bab0b4d73ed308318c1024f899c463e79e42d4b375fbf} without any noticeable difference. A Plugin like “WP Smush it” is quite handy to attend such image optimization & compression.

Ready to Check Next Six Tips?

So far till here, we have discussed 6 tips to speed up WordPress site without code. The top three tips are to perform seldom during the life of the website. And the last 3 are the most effective tips that can decrease loading time up to 70{136ce94cc7fec1f5657bab0b4d73ed308318c1024f899c463e79e42d4b375fbf}. Means a website that takes 10 seconds to load, can speed up to load in 3 seconds only using these tricks.

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