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10 Principles Behind Great Landing Pages

“Landing Page” is a specific page on your website which is used for an online marketing campaign. The success of a landing page is measured by how effective is it in driving conversions or leads. It’s true that every distinct landing page has a single purpose. Still, there is no pre-established formula to create great landing pages and meet the purpose.

10 Principles Behind Great Landing Pages

Creating productive and great landing pages are not like to create a better website or newsletter. And there is a number of things can be done to improve a page’s chances of converting visitors. In the article 10 Principles Behind Great Landing Pages, we have talked about 10 things one should keep in mind while creating the landing page.

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These 10 principles will help you to avoid common mistakes and to design high performing landing page. Also ensures to have a high conversion rate where visitor won’t have an excuse to skip.

1. None Here or There Navigation

Keep your landing page without Navigation elements among content. Do never distract visitors or move them to other pages. Else visitors will not stay longer on the landing page and it will decrease conversion rates or lead generation.

Keeping only regular navigation elements in the usual top menu bar is the thing you should test & confirm you own. For some, it has no poor impact, for others, removing it improved conversion rates on landing pages.

2. Short Content Work Better

Nothing is sweeter than having a picture, video or background color along with short catchy heading. An optional Subheading or description for each section of the page can also be there upon requirement. Don’t write an essay and try to explain your product in minimum words.

If you have a lengthy description then use a list rather than a paragraph. And believe us, it will work magically.

3. Know Your Audience First

You should first understand who are your visitors? Let’s consider an example. If you’re promoting a technical product like an app, the visitor would surely look for unique features in your app that others apps lack. And they will try it for their interest.

On the other hand, a potential jewelry buyer would be interested in rather knowing, what is in that product for him? So the basic principle is; design landing pages by keeping “what do my customers seek?” and your target in mind.

4. Call to Action is The Leader

Mozilla Firefox changed their call-to-action from “Try Firefox 3” to “Download Now – Free”. And the later outperformed by 3.6{136ce94cc7fec1f5657bab0b4d73ed308318c1024f899c463e79e42d4b375fbf} and Firefox got 500 more downloads during the time of the test. This example explains how a strong Call to Action can capture extra leads.

Think many times to pick perfect words to put as Call to Action (CTA) button text. It should be appealing enough itself that can make the visitor click instantly, the next step after reading CTA headline.

5. Content Placement Priority

Look at the structure of content. Responsive design is already on trend. So where would you place a front image? If you are placing it right to text, Chances are, it will stack below, after the text on mobile devices. So choose what best position is, and consider for large background images as well.

6. A Contact Form is Always Needed

If you are creating buzz for an upcoming product, a contact form would already be there. Else even you have used perfect CTA, a visitor might have many questions to ask you.

So remind Principle #1 and don’t redirect the visitor to a regular contact page. Use a short contact form with only 3–4 fields for necessary details to ask on the same landing page.

7. Social Presence is The Cream

Add your social presence (Facebook, YouTube etc.) in landing page at bottom sections. It adds extra credibility to your company & product and offers some kind of guarantee & availability.

Further, an act or recommendation by an unknown visitor on social media can bring your product in eyes of several emergent visitors and traffic.

8. Proofs Build Trust Immediately

Same as Principal #7, using loyal endorsements & testimonials build trust in you & your product within minutes. Always showcase them if your business has:
• Data about your product uses
• Testimonials, reviews, certifications or press releases
• Nice quotes pulled from social media said by users about your product

9. Say No to Bad Grammar

Rule of thumb! Bad grammar or spell errors show your lack of seriousness and might turn off the visitor. Avoid them for high conversion rates.

10. Colors Have a Great Impact

Get choosy about colors to use on a landing page. A little knowledge of colors is required. The list below is a quick summary of colors and their anatomy.

Colors in Great Landing Pages

Conclusion: 10 Principles – Great Landing Pages

The article is not a complete list of principles behind landing pages; rather we did our best effort to point 10 important principles which need to know to design an outstanding landing page. Read 6 interesting questions answers about LP as well.

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Warm up your visitors with confidence about your product. Also, drive them to lead generation or Call to Action click with these 10 Principles Behind Great Landing Pages. Your feedback and comments are most awaited.

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